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About the food ...

Reli, our chef, the mother of the familia ...

Grew up in a house that lives and breathes food ..

Her Family's French roots gave her the passion for food.

Her food is influenced by her French mother, her grandmother from Bulgaria and a lifetime of courses, trips and food studies.

All the ingredients that she touches get all the attention and love it deserves .. and turn into a surprising and delightful dish.

In the Center of the house is a spacious country kitchen, the heart of the restaurant, full of tastes and scents.

The food is made ​​from the finest materials on the premises, good wine and fresh herbs from our wonderful garden.

You are invited to enjoy a selection of dishes that are on the menu, of course, with special adjustments to fit your taste.

There are options for Meat / Dairy menus according to your preferences.

Call us for details and requests!


Zvika and Reli Schulman

Meshek 21


משק 21 - רלי השפית

Our Chef

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